Want Respect_ Here is How to Get It

Being respected is something that many of us would love, it can help us in many areas of our lives and really give us that extra bit of confidence which we require to improve our lives or to fix any problems which we may have. Respect however, is not something that you are born with, unless of course you are the child of a mob boss or a mogul, for the rest of us however, we need to gain and maintain respect from those around us, form our peers,our colleagues, our bosses and even our family.

Respect can come in many different forms, you could be a pediatrician like Jonathan Lauter and instantly command respect because of your title, you could be a champion boxer and gain respect through fear. If however, you can’t get a job that is instantly respected though then here are some ways in which you can gain the respect that you want.

Be Humble

Contrary to what many people believe, being powerful or obnoxious and commanding people to do things will make people respect you, it may make them fearful of you but this should not be confused with respect. Humility is an attribute in most respected people and if you want the respect that you feel that you deserve then a dose of it will go a very long way.

Be Good At What You Do

Whether you are a teacher, a trash collector, a doctor or an athlete, being good at what you do commands a great deal of respect from people. Naturally you must do so in a style that is seen to be genuine and not self-serving and if you can combine being great at something with humility then you will see respect coming your way in no time.

Respect Others

Respect is very much a two-way street and if you expect to receive any then you should begin by respecting others. Naturally you shouldn’t respect those who do not deserve it and in all honesty, those people are not the kind of people that you would wish to receive it from either. It is important that you offer people sincerity and basic respect if you ever seek to be on the other end of it.

Be Complimentary

Mans seem to be brilliant at pointing out negatives or bad parts of what people do but it is just as easy to compliment somebody and doing so will naturally instill repsect in the person that you are complimenting. When giving someone a compliment, make sure that it is deserved and that you are not just using it as some kind of tool to command some respect.

Be Social

If you are a closed book then you are not giving anyone any part of you which they can respect, staying in touch with people and being outwardly sociable allows them to see who you are and will help them to respect you more.