The Rise Of The Internet Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur in 2018 is not an easy task, as with all the impact E-Commerce had in the past 5 years, even having a successful idea could be hard to put into practice since finding the right channel might be hard. On the other hand, having a revolutionary plan when it comes to development, marketing and sales is indeed the key to success for what is called “webtrepreneurship”.

The Dropshipping Method

Ikea has been one of the pioneers of Drop Shipping, which is the practice in which you are selling products without physically owning them or having them in stock. Lately, this has been approached by all the biggest E-Commerce moguls, stating the fact that, by using a Chinese supplier (mainly Aliexpress) are automating their Shopify store to list Aliexpress’ products on their store, increasing the actual price. This lately has been a winning business model for clothing shops, since the supply chain is fully automated via an app called Oberlo.

Digital Marketing

Direct Marketing is dead, period. The advent of social media has made marketing a fully digital machine, whether if it’s just content related or purely based on networking with websites to get organic traffic to clients. An interesting fact is that, even if SEO is still strong and will probably be based around the new Google Alexa’s technology, PPC is opening to a more “corporate” image: many accountants are, in fact, developing PPC optimisation and keyword research-related skills to guarantee the biggest ROI to their department.

The Risks

Sometimes being a freelancer or an entrepreneur on the internet still requires having some sort of protection: many have decided to go with a simple professional indemnity insurance program, so they could be able to manage to work with a client who’s not properly “internet savvy”

Young, Wild And Free

The Internet has been a startup jungle lately, with a median age of 25/6, where college graduates and dropouts found their path to success. One for all, a guy called Mark Zuckerberg, who launched a niche networking blog called Facebook which is one of the biggest sites in the whole world right now. Given the constantly evolving architecture, being an internet entrepreneur is appealing to youngsters because of the amount of creativity required to succeed in this fast environment.

The Power Of Influencers

The main trend in 2017 has been “influencing the influencers”: listing your business on an Instagram page that has high trust flow and high organic reaching means success, especially if your business is based around anything E-Commerce. People with just “a good Instagram page” were able to develop a 6 figure income profession in a couple of months. Latching onto an influencer who has thousands of followers, immediately puts your product in front of people and if their idol or even some who they think is cool is wearing it, they buy it. It’s a tried and tested method that fast fashion brands are utilising heavily today to launch their brands.