Saving The Day From Miles Away


Our planet is the same size it’s always been, but the world is shrinking. As the movement of information has reached incredible speed and simplicity, we’ve also simplified travel by air, land, and sea. We have apps that can book our flights, reserve our rooms, register for rental cars, and guide us down roads we’ve never been on in our lives.

Because we’re more mobile and better able to communicate from afar, many of us are traveling the world more than we would have ever thought possible. Friends and family are packing their bags, grabbing their passports, and heading to destinations all over the globe for work, play, and adventure.

Of course, the more we travel, the better the chance we run into a jam. A credit card gets lost, a hotel requires payment in cash, or something else emerges that makes it impossible for someone to get through the day without some quick assistance.

Thankfully, technology can come to the rescue. Cell phones can get us a call out to someone back home who can make a plan to send money to get us through whatever problem has emerged.

Some people in this situation may actually be better off to transfer money than to use funds they have with them already. There are several reasons why it can be the better option.

Increased Security

With so much talk about hacking and identity theft, we sometimes forget about old-fashioned pickpockets. If you need money at your hotel and you have time to make arrangements, don’t open your wallet and let every thief in the area see how much you are carrying. Have an international transfer done and handle it discreetly.

Other people may choose cash advances on credit cards, but they can be risky too. Not only could you get mugged after making your withdrawal, but the ATM may not be up to the security standards you expect. And any type of electronic transfer through the computer is vulnerable. Good cyber-security rules still apply. Get the money wired instead.

Increased Convenience

Sure, you may have enough cash to cover the immediate issue. But how will that leave you for the rest of your trip? If you have several days left before returning home and will be short on money by paying the purchase in cash, get a transfer done and hang on to the cash you’ve got on hand.

It’s far preferable to use a wire for cash now and save the rest for later instead of getting right down to the last day and needing cash for taxi fare to make your flight on time. You’ve got time to take care of a transfer now, so do it now and avoid a crisis later.

Increased Clarity

How many dollars in a rupee? Or is it rupees in a dollar? Exchange rates are fluid and can be very confusing, especially when you are facing a crisis. Knowing how much of your home currency it will take to get the correct amount in travel currency is critical, and you don’t always have the time to verify all the information.

With an international transfer, those calculations are done for you. There’s no issue with determining if all the adjustments have been made. An experienced company with accurate programs has already done it for you.

Money is the only truly complicated thing about international travel, but there’s no need for even that part to be too overwhelming. International transfers can be the fast, accurate, secure tool you need to make your travel plans flawless.