Reasons Why European Super League is bad for Football

To say the least, the formation towards the newly proposed European Super League has not been met well. It’s not surprising that there are mixed reactions when it comes to this initiative in football. The uproar from the fans and the pundits has been massive and everyone who is involved in football is expressing their anger towards the formation of European Super League.

The league’s chairman will be Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, with vice-chairmen Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli, Manchester United co-chairman Joel Glazer, Liverpool director John Henry, and Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke. Did you know that at casino you can bet on your favorite player instead of playing online slots and stand a chance to win.

As it stands, it seems like everything is in the pipeline, therefore, we are going to share with you some of the reasons why European Super League is bad for football.

The Beauty of Football is lost

It’s not a secret neither is it surprising that football is the world’s most beautiful game. This is a sport that you can expect miracles or surprises to happen. Whoever thought that Leicester City would go on and win the English Premier League?

However, now that the European Super League has come in picture. There is a possibility that the proposed competition is going to steal the joy and beauty that comes with football.

Financial implications mean top clubs become wealthier

Financial power is said to be the main reason why European Super League is coming into play. According to reports, JP Morgan, an American bank, has committed billions to the European Super League, with each club receiving £290 million to compete. As a result, the top clubs will become wealthier, allowing them to more easily recruit players from smaller clubs.

At the end of the day it’s all about making money and this move carries no football integrity whatsoever. Rather, the powers that be involved in the formation of the European Super League could have considered playing best online casino games if they want to make money rather than killing the game.