It’s The Soft Skills That Make An Exceptional Salesperson

Great sales people make up the engine behind every economy in the world, they think beyond individual victories, and opt instead to use each call as an opportunity to inform and plant seeds in the minds of potential clients. They consider the bigger picture and how they can use their own personal style to create leads for their business, and understand that each sale opens a door to a continuing relationship with their customers. A good sales person puts the concerns of their customer first because they acknowledge that while anyone can hit a quota once, it will be more difficult to do so if the next time they come calling, the customer feels that their needs weren’t met. The greatest sales people come from the best sales headhunters, so keep that in mind when looking to hire a salesperson.

Smart sales people are intuitive and listen to their customers more than they speak. They see even a failed sales attempt as an investment in the process, trusting that every time they pick up that phone, they are taking important steps towards building their client base.Of course, hiring managers see these qualities in abundance among their top sales people on staff; and yet, acquiring new talent that will suit their company’s needs continues to be challenging.

An alarming amount of time and resources get wasted when new hires don’t work out, and it baffles managers when in their meetings, and on paper, these applicants seem to be the ideal candidates for the job. This is because the softer sides of a sales personality are more difficult to pick up on, particularly in a performative situation like an interview. Candidates can have ample amount of experience, and training, but if their sales personality doesn’t suit your company, they won’t bring in revenue. To prevent unpredictability, many companies implement strategic tools that will show them very early on in the hiring process whether an applicant is suited for the position in question. What has proven to be 90% effective is the sales personality test available through assessment providers like— as a complement to the traditional resume vetting and interview process.

Psychological research has determined that people with similar behavioral traits respond to “symbols” in a consistent and measurable way. When an applicant completes the sales assessment test online their responses illustrate certain traits, at which point managers can see whether a candidate truly embodies the right combination of assertiveness, sociability, and independence they require. It also shows which sales activities they’d be best suited for. You can even have your top sales people take the test to determine the perfect grouping. It also proves helpful when for example, your company needs people who know how to close a deal. If a candidate exhibits greater strength in prospecting, you might choose to keep them in mind for later on while continuing on your present search.

Predominantly, the test is beneficial for exposing applicants who play roles in order to land jobs; it cuts through any facade to get to the real person, and gives managers a more well-rounded idea regarding how the applicant will perform in the long term.

If you’re a hiring manager or recruiter looking to shave time and cost off of your hiring process, consider how a 10-minute pre-interview sales test can help you find the right salesperson for the exact position you’re looking to fill.