How to Make Your Next Ride Sharing Experience More Enjoyable

Ride sharing has really taken off these past couple of years, especially with services like Uber and Lyft now available in more cities than ever. You can now use ride sharing for every trip, from a short commute to work to a quick ride to the airport. It is also more convenient than ever thanks to updated apps and better overall service.

Even with so many advancements in ride sharing services and the technologies behind them, the real joy of using this type of service can be felt offline the moment you step into the car. To make your next ride sharing experience more enjoyable, here are some of the things you can do.

Be Friendly

Being friendly to your driver is always a good idea. Drivers are more likely to return the favor and be friendly (or friendlier) to you when you say hi and show a friendly attitude as you step into the car. The whole experience will be more enjoyable not only for you as the passenger but also for the driver.

Studies suggest that drivers who are happy with their passengers are 70% more likely to drive better, offer a more comfortable ride and make the whole experience much better. All of these advantages can be achieved by saying hi and smiling when you enter the car.

Get to Know the Services Better

Another way to make the whole experience of using ride sharing services better is by getting to know each service better. There are websites such as that offer access not only to deals and special offers, but also to tips, tricks and stories from both sides of the sharing economy. Visit these sites and they will change the way you see ride sharing entirely.

It is also worth noting that some ride sharing services have more cars and better overall services in certain cities or areas. Knowing which services to use depending on where you are can make the whole experience better. You can, for example, cut down waiting times by choosing a service with more cars in your area.

Avoid Showing a Bad Attitude

A lot of users don’t know this, but the rating system on ride sharing apps works both ways. The drivers can also rate you based on the experience they had taking you as a passenger. Go to the Help section of your Uber app and you too can check your latest rating as a passenger.

Passengers with high ratings usually get picked up much faster. There are reports that say several ride sharing companies are planning to reward good passengers by offering better deals, more discounts and special offers in the future. Maintaining a good attitude while using the service could land you a couple of free rides in the future.

These tips are very simple and easy to apply, but they can transform the whole experience of using ride sharing services for the better. The experience will also be better for the drivers, improving the ecosystem and sharing economy in general.