How to Achieve Your Dreams

We all grow up with a dream of some kind which we want to do during our lifetimes, unfortunately, many of us ditch our dreams once we reach a certain age our stage of our life and never end up completing what we had always dreamed about. Perhaps you wanted to become an astronaut, a football legend like Jack Elway, a business owner or a fashion designer, whatever that dream was it will never leave you, even if you have given up on it. My belief is that everyone should do all that they can to achieve their dreams, be it big or small and if you want to saddle up and go after it then here is how you need to approach it.


The key to achieving your dreams is belief, if you do not believe that you can do it then it is near-impossible that you are going to get anywhere even close. The reason that most of us give up on our dreams is because we are constantly told that they are not achievable and we lose belief. In order to install that belief in you that you can actually go after your dream, try visualizing it, create mental image of you as an astronaut, or a footballer or a fashion designer. This mental image is powerful and it can help you to hold on to the belief that you can do it.

List the Route

Dreams are difficult to achieve, as long as they are relatively realistic, a dream to one day play in the NBA when you are 56 years old for example, is unrealistic, dreams should be improbable, not impossible. In order to overcome the difficulty which you are going to face you should spend some time making a list of all of the challenges which you will need to overcome in order to get what you want. Perhaps you want to study to be a pilot but you work full time and have no money, put this on the list and then start to plot how exactly you are going to work hard on achieving that goal.

Hard Work

Once you understand the path which you need to take in order to go after your dreams, it is time to go after it with all that you have. If you are not committed to give everything that you have in pursuit of your dreams then perhaps you do not deserve to achieve them at all. You will need to put in the hours, make smart decisions, be tough and resilient, take risks and give your mind, body and soul to overcoming those obstacles on your list and achieving the thing which you hold most dear.

Dreams are not impossible to achieve, but they are most definitely not easy and if you want to turn yours into a reality then belief and hard work are the only ways to do it.