Custom Window Designs to Fit Your Blueprints

You have made the first steps into building your client’s dream home; the blue prints are in your hands and now it’s time to discuss details; one question you should not neglect is how you’re going to meet the client’s energy efficiency requirements. Has your client decided on the type of windows you plan on using and do you know whether or not they are Energy Star approved for your climate region? Energy efficient casement, awning, double hung and sliding windows play a much larger role in the comfort and cost of living in a home than you may realize, and poor choices now can result in excess time and money spent on maintenance and increased energy bills.

Energy efficiency does not mean that you have to sacrifice style, and in Kitchener-Waterloo, manufacturers like Golden Windows and Doors offer cladding in a variety of easy-to-maintain and good-looking materials such as aluminum, vinyl, and woods like pine. Pine, used in their casement and awning models, is both temperature-resistant and a warm, classic design choice. The materials used to make windows can have an overall visual impact on your home and will also impact how much maintenance you will have to perform in the future. With modern materials, the windows themselves don’t need to be glass anymore, you can now use perspex cut to size.

Most homeowners today choose wood or vinyl frames, but those are not your only options; vinyl and aluminum windows are low maintenance. Homeowners need to choose how much time, energy, and money they are willing to spend on future maintenance and the overall look of the home in order to choose the windows that are right for them. Fortunately, homeowners in Southern Ontario have a wide range of options when they decide to get custom made windows from Golden Windows that will suit their aesthetic choices.

UV Protection

So they look good, but what is it that makes them so energy efficient; it’s still just glass, isn’t it? Argon gas trapped between panes creates a barrier in the air between the inside and outside, preventing the transfer of heat. In addition, glazes on the inside of panes, called Low E (or emissivity), are used to block UV rays from passing through, sending heat back to its source, which means it keeps a house cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.
Energy Savings

Custom windows and doors have a huge benefit over commercially manufactured windows because they are cut based on the actual measurements of the opening. This allows a tight installation and perfect fit that prevents air, moisture, and pests from entering the home. Approximately 25% of your heating costs in Ontario are due to air loss through windows, doors, and vents, and you can drastically cut this down with weather-stripping, argon gas, and Low E glaze.

Energy Star products from custom manufacturers like Golden Windows are well worth the up-front cost and will pay for themselves in the long-term through the savings on your energy bills, not to mention reducing your carbon footprint.
These windows offer you flexibility and options to complement a home’s design without sacrificing energy efficiency and durability. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and layouts as well as choose the materials and coatings which enhance and improve their function. Custom windows are the way to go when building a new home for your clients; find the right manufacturer for your next big project.