Coworking In New Zealand – A Guide For Beginners


The coworking platform is changing the face of the New Zealand business climate, a climate that already welcomes a more relaxed and respectful approach to business. While the stereotype of the current coworking professional is of the ambitious, but laid-back millennial, the coworking phenomenon has taken route within a number of demographics across New Zealand. The workspace style has freshened up the modern office and his created opportunities for professionals to traverse the usual obstacles to promote innovation.

In New Zealand, the coworking trend is predicted to triple by year’s end. One of the reasons is because the mode of work actually fits in with a society who loves to bike to work and to ride share. These enclaves are attractive to many New Zealanders because their hip, almost bohemian, atmosphere appeals to freelancers and other independent types who need a serious place to work and who can choose from premium coworking locations in New Zealand.  However, all coworking spaces are not the same and finding the right place will take a little research and some footwork.

Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when searching for coworking spaces in New Zealand.

The Coworking Mission

On the surface, many coworking spaces look to house professionals from a wide array of industries, and when peering into the advertisements for some, the attractive, sophisticated professionals mixing and mingling might give prospective coworking professionals the idea that the space is a great place to hang out. However, the coworking space’s mission is to provide professionals with a comfortable place to work at an affordable price. More importantly, the mission is also to promote a platform of collaboration over competition.

For this reason, the environment is much different from what you might see in a traditional office. For one, these offices are typically abuzz with conversation, especially during peak times, and the hot desk is a hub of activity. While you can rent a dedicated desk, and in some cases a private office, the office as an organism runs off an energy that allows flexible interaction in a borderless environment to rule the office. Furthermore, some would argue this same energy is the traction that fuels business.

Unique Qualities

Most coworking spaces are unique from one another. While you might find spaces that cater to general industries, each one of these spaces is very different in character from one another, especially the smaller coworking spaces. Because the coworking space is also a community, those who participate take a key role in shaping the office.

Community Focus

Professionals can choose how to use the space with many opting to use it as a workspace, but to get the most from the coworking space, many choose to become a part of the greater coworking community. One of the reasons this is so is because, unlike typical office space that is rented, the emphasis is not only on joining a space but also on joining the business community who comprise this space. The great thing about coworking in New Zealand’s major urban centres is that these communities can help raise the profile of your business simply through collaboration.

The Collaboration

Of all of the tasks that you can master in the coworking space, the collaboration is the one that defines coworking. Through networking and establishing connections, the collaboration allows you to team up in the space and really showcase your talent. In fact, those with a plan can maximise the potential for business growth simply through the collaboration.

Coworking New Zealand

The coworking space is not just a chance to reduce the cost of an office lease. The investment made when joining a space depends on the motivation of the professional. In no other business atmosphere are professionals given a platform to succeed and the access to the resources necessary to do so.