Clever and Simple Marketing Ideas

Whatever kind of business you have, marketing is surely an important part of your day-to-day business operations. After all, without marketing, you are unlikely to attract many new clients and grow your business.

Word-of-mouth is great, but it shouldn’t be relied upon to build your business. Here are a few simple but ingenious marketing ideas to help you build a brilliant marketing plan for your business, whatever its size and type:

Make Your Products Identifiable

Owens Corning was developed in the 1930s as the first fiberglass insulation. It was designed by compressing air into molten glass to create lightweight fibers that were superb for insulation. Competitors soon created their own products, so Owens Corning came up with an ingenious way to distinguish themselves.

They added red dye to the naturally white or yellowish product, creating a bright pink color. Recognizing the superiority of the original fiberglass to the competitors, customers soon began asking for the “pink insulation.” This was a simple and clever way to market themselves and stand out from the competition. Learn more about the clever marketing and superior product of Owens Corning at

Utilize Cause Marketing

Today’s customers aren’t satisfied with products or services that meet their needs. They want to buy from a company that shares their values and is making a positive impact in the world. Tying your company to a worthy cause is a wonderful way to expand your marketing potential and increase the loyalty of your client base.

It is also one of the most affordable ways for you to increase your marketing reach. By marketing for the cause you’ve attached yourself to, you can create viral marketing campaigns that spread on their own, carrying your business along with it. If you are a small local company, consider a local cause to increase goodwill in your area.

Have Fun on Social Media

Too many businesses treat social media like a necessary evil to be maintained or just an opportunity to post ads, but social media has much more potential for your business marketing. Create fun contests, polls, and other opportunities for engagement on social media to dramatically increase your marketing reach there. You’ll find that you are getting followers and clicks organically, without having to spend on ads or promotional posts.

Be Creative With Your Marketing

It is very easy for businesses to fall into a routine when it comes to their marketing, but by being creative and coming up with new ways to distinguish your product or service and expand your company’s reach, you can do much more with your marketing.