7 Reasons Why You Need a Diesel Generator

If you’re thinking about investing in a generator for your home’s backup to electricity, consider a diesel generator. Here’s seven reasons why.

When the power goes out there’s a lot to worry about. Not only are you without power and the modern conveniences it provides, but there’s also food spoilage and heating to worry about.

This would seem like such an issue if the U.S. power grid system didn’t experience such frequent outages, and with increasing regularity. From 2000 to 2013 the average outages increased six-fold. Not only do Americans lose power often, but the problem’s getting worse.

It’s why having a generator around is so important. When the power goes out (and it will), having a generator makes all the difference. And not just any generator, but a diesel generator.

Diesel generators have certain advantages over their gas-powered counterparts that make them an easy choice for homeowners. Let’s take a look at why everyone needs a diesel generator.

Diesel Generator 101

Diesel generators run on diesel fuel, which is a low heat, efficient, clean-burning fuel created from crude oil. It’s commonly used in large equipment, boats, trains, and busses, but also in some cars and trucks. Generators make a perfect application for diesel since they benefit from high-efficiency fuel that’s readily available.

Depending on your needs, diesel generators come in different shapes and sizes fit for all kinds of different applications. No matter what’re you’re looking for, there’s a diesel generator that can fit your needs.

Though beyond their versatility, we want to break down the seven reasons you need a diesel generator.

The Failing Power Grid

From 2000 to 2004 the U.S. experienced an average of 44 grid outages per year. From 2010 to 2013 that average was up to 200 reported grid outages per year. The grid continues to drop power more and more often as we depend upon it more and more.

To put your problems in perspective, Japanese citizens lose power for an average 4 minutes per year. Americans in the upper Midwest lose power for an average 92 minutes per year, while the Northwest loses power for an average 214 minutes per year.

The frequency of these power outages makes owning a diesel generator a must. Having a backup generator means having power no matter the situation.

Food Spoilage

Frequent power outages mean worrying about food spoilage when the power eventually does go out. Refrigerators and freezers keep our food cold but aren’t much good when the power isn’t working.

Diesel generators and their ease of use can keep your food cold and prevent spoilage while the electricity isn’t working. They’ll turn on fast enough and run long enough to ensure you don’t lose anything to spoilage.

Modern Conveniences

We’re all used to modern conveniences that people even just ten or so years ago couldn’t imagine. The iPhone released just 11 years ago and things like Netflix streaming only a few years before that.

Suffice to say, society heavily relies on modern technology that all runs on electricity. When the power goes out, so do the modern conveniences.

It doesn’t seem like too much of an inconvenience until you think about how reliant we are on computers and other electronics to communicate with not only friends but also for work.

Diesel Versus Gas

So far we’ve been talking about why owning a diesel generator is a must, but now we’re breaking down why you might favor a diesel generator over gas. Each side has its advantages and disadvantages, but diesel lends itself especially well for powering your generator.

The reasons aren’t anything that ruins gas’ application for generators, but they’re enough that you’ll want to seriously consider diesel’s advantages over the long run.

Let’s take a look at why diesel might work better for your needs than gas.

Fuel Efficient

Diesel generators have the benefit of running on diesel fuel. At the base level, it’s really that simple; diesel fuel is more efficient than gasoline on the molecular level. It’s 15 percent more energy dense than gasoline thanks to more long-chain hydrocarbons.

Beyond its chemical composition, diesel generator engines are more fuel efficient than gas engines. Their higher compression ratios mean more power from less gas. High compression also means the fuel gets heated enough from “squeezing” in the combustion chamber that it can combust without spark plugs.

When it’s all said and done this all means that diesel generators run for longer on less fuel than their gasoline cousins, saving you fuel costs in the long run.


Beyond fuel efficiency, diesel engines also have a longer lifespan than gasoline engines. This means less wear and tear on your generator. Which is good, because diesel generators do usually cost more upfront than gas generators.

In terms of longevity, diesel engines have three main advantages that help increase their lifespan when compared to gas engines.

First, diesel engines have larger components that in of themselves resist wear and tear better than the smaller parts used in gas engines. Larger components also mean better oil flow that keeps parts lubricated and thus lasting longer.

Second, diesel fuel has an oily consistency which lends itself well to lubricating the engine. In contrast, gasoline is more acidic and burns away at engine surfaces over time.

Third, your diesel generator produces less heat than a gasoline generator. Less heat means less wear and tear and an overall longer lifespan.

As a bonus fact, diesel engines’ lack of spark plugs also means fewer parts to break during your generators lifespan.

Choosing the Best Diesel Generator

Choosing the best diesel generator for your needs means getting in contact with the pros. People in the industry can guide you on things like generator size, configuration, and more when you’re shopping for your first generator.

Take Source Power Solutions, for instance. Their experts can set you up with a generator that’s the very best for your unique situation.

Living in comfort doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you get in touch with the right people you can live rich without being rich.

Let us help get you started on your road to affordable comfort today!