6 Businesses You Can Run from a Self Storage Facility By Yourself

Starting a small business can be an excellent endeavor for many people, but the problem is, the startup cost can be incredibly prohibitive for people who may not have a lot of money to put into the endeavor. That’s where a self-storage facility could really make a difference for a small business owner.

More and more small business owners are turning to self storage facilities in order to save space and money. They use it to dip their toes into the water of a new business endeavor, or they use it because they just don’t have the income to get a bigger space.

What sorts of businesses can you start and run out of self storage units? Is it a practical idea to even consider? Here’s a look at 6 of the most popular options available.

  1. Any Sorts of Online Sales Business. If you’re selling on eBay, Craigslist, or even off of your own ecommerce site, you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re stuck with all of those items in your basement or closets. Instead, consider using a storage unitfor organization so that you can keep everything in its own place.
  2. Handyman or Other Repair Professional. Instead of keeping your vehicle and your tools in the garage that your family is using, consider getting a storage unit to keep all of it safe and away from everything. Then, when you need to go to a job, you can go to the unit, get your tools and vehicle, and head out to the job quickly.
  3. Thrift Store. Depending on zoning laws, you can put together a secondhand shop that you run out of your storage unit. You can install shelves in the unit, have everything organized, and open up for a couple of hours daily. You could make some extra cash without investing too much.
  4. Photography or Art Studio. The large spaces that you find in storage areas can be useful for photographers or artists. Not only is it a large space, but it’s empty, so you can put it together in just the way that you need to so that you can get your art done the right way.
  5. Décor or Remodeling Businesses. If you’re someone that does décor or remodeling for homes, you can get a storage unit and use it as a showroom. This allows you to have a space that people can come and look at what you can provide without being intrusive or needing to rent a more expensive space.
  6. Sales of High-Cost Items. If you’re selling refurbished electronics, repaired classic furniture, or any number of other higher cost items, you don’t want to keep them all over the house or in your basement. Instead, find storage units near youthat you can store them in so that, not only are they in a climate controlled area, but you have a neutral, safe place to meet with potential buyers as well.

It’s not surprising that, in today’s economic climate, more people have made the decision to start their own small businesses in hope of doing well and moving forward. Considering your options, finding ways to be your best and trying out these sorts of things can really give you a leg up as you move forward and start a business on your own.