5 ways to know if the business brokerage is the right profession for you

Are you looking to pursue business brokerage as a professional career? Becoming a business broker requires a myriad of skills and relationships, and is a highly specialized undertaking. With that in mind,  here is how you can contemplate if  the talents and qualities you possess will help you become a successful business broker.

Are your marketing and sales skills at par?

If you are looking into business brokerage as a profession, you should be a good marketer as well. After all, your job is to market and sell businesses to potential buyers. In order to become a  good marketer, you first need to know how to create good selling and marketing strategies.

This will, in turn, help the potential buyers to understand the business policies and objectives so that they can decide whether or not they should be buying the business.

Are you capable of doing extensive marketing research?

Being good at knowing things and being good at how to know things are two completely different skills. A good business broker should be good at knowing which buyer is the best fit for which seller and be able to do research into finding out the intentions of both parties. For example, if you want to become a broker and your client is wanting to buy a business in San Diego, your first job will be to conduct research about businesses in San Diego. You’ll  then need to suggest to your client the perfect business for sale in San Diego that matches all their conditions and has a reputable seller.

Are you good at communicating?

A broker is also known for being a business transfer agent or intermediary. This implies that a business broker is the one who aims to take information from the client to the seller and transfer the same to the potential buyer. And, for having to carry out this process, the broker needs to have command of his communication skills that include command of language, oratory skills, and the correct use of information.

Are you patient and a good coordinator to deal with the cross-questioning of clients?

Since a business broker wears multiple hats and works on many projects simultaneously, patience and being well organized are two of the basic ingredients in the recipe for making a good business broker. Being a business broker isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While dealing with the clients, you will go through a huge pile of detailed questions for which you’ll be expected to have perfect answers for. So, one should be patient while having to deal with the target clients.

Do you possess a good hold at analyzing financial records?


Although one doesn’t expect a business broker to be a lawyer or financial analyst, he should at least have a basic understanding of legal and financial issues. Buying and selling a business involves understanding and addressing the issues in these areas. At a minimum, he should have access to people with good legal and financial knowledge in his network.