5 Easy Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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Video is one of the best tools to capture a market. Video included on a landing page can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%, and watching a video makes users 64% more likely to buy a product. Making use of video marketing can change the way you connect with clients. Video also makes it over 50x easier to get a first page ranking in search engines, something video healthcare specialist Blue Dog Video preaches all the time.

However, to get the most out of your video marketing efforts, you have to go about it the right way. In this article, we’re going to give five simple tips every small business owner can use to increase their chances with video marketing.

Infuse Personality Into Your Brand

Your video should be a visual tool to show consumers what makes your brand great. So, it is important to know what you bring to the table. You also have to show that you’re dynamic, invested in your customers and pay close attention to details and quality.

Capture their Attention

There are many types of videos available, and some are better suited for particular platforms. One of the most popular types of videos right now are explainer videos. These videos are usually aimed at new visitors visiting your site and their goal is to provide a clear explanation of what you can do for them. The great thing about these videos is that you don’t need a huge production budget to make them happen. If you need a set of anamorphic lenses to make your videos more eye-catching, you don’t have to buy brand new ones. You can check out Kowa Anamorphic lens rental and borrow the lenses you need at a reasonable price.

There are also lots of products on the market that can help businesses make their own videos affordably. You can get started in no time with something generic made in Adobe Spark.

However, if you want to put out a more polished image, there are plenty of other affordable options. A great tool to use are whiteboard animations. They usually are a great way to teach viewers about your services, or another subject related to your business.

At the end of the video, you can redirect your audience to some of your other materials or encourage them to join your mailing list, subscribe to your blog or join you on social media. Plenty of companies offer cheap whiteboard animations, such as Spiel Studios per instance, and you can use them on your social media pages, blogs or YouTube to increase visibility to your brand.

Marketing vs Advertising

Yes, there is a difference. For instance, whiteboard videos may be more suited for subtle marketing than advertising. Whiteboard and explainer videos should be used primarily to connect with your audience. This can be done in many places, such as a landing page, YouTube channel, or even a Facebook page.

Paid video placement is advertising. It can be featured in front of other videos on YouTube, sponsored by Facebook, or appear in a sidebar on a website. These need to directly address consumers’ problems and advertise your services in the most concise way possible. People usually see advertisements based on browsing preferences. So, think about what they might be looking at that would cause your video to be in their viewing space.

Consider Video Length

You only have about 8 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. So, you need to appeal to them fast. But, once you have their attention, your video time will vary based on its purpose.

An explainer video on a landing page could be about two minutes long. You could even use something like that on Facebook. One reason people browse Facebook is to learn. If your ad shows up on Facebook, it is because they showed interest in learning more about your industry.


All these tips should get you started on your way to mastering video marketing for your business. Whatever you do, remember who you’re talking to, use various types of video depending on the platform and your purpose and keep your videos short and to the point if you want to make a more powerful impact.