Tips for Your First Motorcycle Trip

Many exciting things come with the most risks. One example of this is riding a motorcycle, because while you can go high speeds and travel through avenues that you would have a tough time doing with a car, motorcycles lack of protection that is available with bigger vehicles.

If you just got your motorcycle license and are planning your first ride with your friends, you need to know a few things to have fun and be safe at the same time.

Pick a suitable route

Anyone who owns a motorcycle has dreamed of riding down long roads that expand over fields and deserts while the sun sets like in the movies. However, rookies should stick with shorter routes for their first time on the road. While you may have aced all of the tests needed to get your license, you will have to deal with natural elements and other riders and drivers who weren’t present before.

If you have to, stick with riding around your neighborhood so that you can get used to being around other vehicles and positioning your bike to get around them when they aren’t moving. When you and your friends pick a longer road to travel on, stick with rides that last no longer than an hour or two, as well as highways where rest stops aren’t too far apart.

Wear the right gear

You’re going to have a hard time riding around and being safe if you dress in the same clothes you do when you’re driving your van and only add a helmet. Motorcycle accidents can cause physical damage that is less of a problem when you have a whole car and airbags shielding you from drunken drivers and those who don’t notice that you’re coming around the corner.

With equipment such as Thor motocross gear, you’ll be able to secure more than just your head. Knee pads, elbow pads, jackets, and boots designed specifically for motorcycles will help your whole body stay intact in case of an accident. It also helps to wear clothes that cover your whole body to lower the chance of getting cut or bruised.

Pack light

Trips on motorcycles require a different packing style from if you were using your car to go on a road trip. If your first motorcycle trip is going to take an hour or two, then chances are that you’ll need a more secure way of keeping your items on your bike, especially if you’re traveling somewhere to do fishing, hiking, camping or some other outdoor activity.

In this case, it helps to pack as few items as possible and consider buying necessary tools along the way or at your destination, which decreases the chances of things falling out while you’re riding. Certain bags are also designed for these trips, such as saddlebags, tank bags and tail bags. These options have hooks, magnets, and fixtures to keep them secure on your bike.

Keep water bottles accessible

Being in the open air and driving in certain weather conditions will require staying hydrated. This is especially true if this is your first time taking your motorcycle on the open road, because longer rides can make you thirsty quickly. This can be a tougher experience if you choose a highway where the exits are far from each other.

We advise packing as many water bottles as possible and making sure they’re easy to access while you’re riding. If you don’t choose a route that has rest stops close to each other, then travel with bags that can store multiple bottles and be placed on the front.

Prepare for weather

Chances are that you took your motorcycle tests when the sun was out and the weather was mild. Planning your trip ahead of time will help you figure out the best days to ride long distances. Hail and rain can be major issues because of how hard they make it to see while you’re riding, even if you have the best helmet on the market.

Weather can change suddenly, so you’ll need to have raincoats and riding gear designed to withstand intense wind, hail, and other elements so that your trip isn’t delayed. Your gear should also keep your luggage safe and dry so that you don’t have to buy replacements.

Remember these tips so that you can have fun and be safe on your first motorcycle trip.