Enjoy Summer – Travel Israel

If you love nothing more than the summer months then you are probably, much like we are, patiently waiting for the winter to come to an end and for that sunshine to start heating up again. If you can’t hold on until the summer starts however, you can go and find it by traveling to a location where summer has already begun. That is exactly what you will find in Israel come April, warm summer’s days that are in full flow whilst those back at home are still wrapping up with coats and jumpers and cranking the thermostat up to stay warm at home.


You may not have considered Israel at the top of your list for holiday destinations but aside from the sunshine, this is a fantastic place to spend an early vacation and here are just a few reasons why.


Flights to Tel Aviv and other major cities in Israel are incredibly well-priced from around Europe and even the US. Thanks to the growing popularity of Israel as a holiday hotspot, more and more companies are offering better price deals on flights and you can get to Israel for a great price. The cost of living is also pretty low in Israel which means that your vacation money can go much further.


As we mentioned, around April time, Israel is basking in the Mediterranean sunshine and places like Tel Aviv are the perfect place for you to enjoy the rays. If you want to beat the winter blues then book yourself up for a vacation in Israel this year.

Sights and Attractions

Israel’s Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and those photos that you see of people floating in the Dead Sea are true, you can’t swim there thanks to the high levels of salt in the water. The mud from this region even gets bottled and sold thanks to its beauty benefits and you can cake yourself in the stuff. Israel is also the most religious place in the World and it is here that you will see where the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths were born. Visiting places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem are great experiences.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is not just one of the best cities in Israel, but also one of the best in the World, it is modern, lively and trendy and it offers guests one of the best nightlife scenes in history. Tel Aviv is truly a city that never sleeps and even if you don’t spend your entire holiday here, you should ensure that you have pencilled in at least a day or two in the coolest city in the land.


Many question the safety of Israel because of its well-documented struggle against the people of Palestine but the reality is that aside from the West Bank region, the country is very safe and has low levels of crime. Tourist hotspots especially are incredibly safe and crime prevention is really ramped up in these areas.