Cycling Estonia Year Round

Cycling Estonia is great for all skill levels. It’s known for its flat topography while also offering challenging routes with hills and interesting sites along the way. With wooded trails, coastal paths, and even the opportunity to ride near a meteorite crater, the potential sites won’t disappoint. Cyclists can travel between islands using the ferry and there should be no concern of getting lost since Estonia provides free internet everywhere you go. Camping sites are plentiful along bike routes and it’s a cyclist-friendly country overall. 

Fair-weather Riding

With temperatures rarely rising above the mid-eighties and nearly 16 hours of daily sunlight, even Estonian summers are great for cycling. Cyclists can choose from simple loops near the country’s capital, Tallinn, that explore local sites, cuisines, and culture. Or the more experienced rider can take the Eurovel 10 and visit up to nine countries if they’re up for the task. Dedicated cyclists can travel the entire country within two weeks thanks to the long summer days and easy routes. 

Winter Cycling

Because Estonia is made up of more than 2,000 islands, the cold winters offer a unique travel opportunity for residents. When the sea freezes over, a minimum of 20 cm thick, the routes normally traveled by ferry can be traveled via ice road.  Driving vehicles on the ice roads is much more complicated than cycling. Cars are separated by two-minute increments, drivers aren’t permitted to wear seatbelts (for quick escape purposes), and vehicles must stay over 40 km/hour or under 25 km/hour for the safest driving conditions. Now, while driving too fast or too slow on the ice roads of Estonia could land you and your vehicle a visit to an auto shop like Precision Restorations, cycling is a much different experience. The ice road is marked by juniper branches and road signs to help designate the path during years of heavy snowfall. One of the benefits of traveling by bike is peacefulness without the hum of a motor. Take a quick break to look around at the vast, white openness. Cyclists do need to take the usual snow preparations and be prepared for a bumpy road, it’s not the glassy-ice type of experience. 

Regardless of the time of year, Estonia is the perfect cycling destination. It has great hiking, biking, and camping facilities with beautiful sites to accompany each. Visit a country ready to accept cyclists and tourists of all kinds.