Top Penny Stock Trading Tips For Beginners

If there’s one thing that you need to know about trading penny stocks, it’s that even though you may have been attracted to the idea because of the huge potential for reward, you’re also taking a major risk.

This risk is magnified if, as a beginner to penny stock trading, you make several critical errors that you could have avoided had you researched the subject beforehand.

Fortunately, this article will help serve as your beginner’s penny stocks guide and explain to you some of the things that you need to know before you begin trading.

Here are the top penny stock trading tips for beginners:

1. Is Penny Stock Trading Even Right For You?

Penny stock trading is definitely not for everyone, despite the fact of the many advantages that they have over trading normal stocks. Namely, penny stocks have the potential to turn a small amount of money into a much larger sum.

But at the same time, the possible opportunity for a large reward doesn’t outweigh the major risk that you may lose all of your investment (and more). You need to honestly ask yourself if penny stock trading is even right for you in the first place. Does the potential reward outweigh the risk for you, or vice versa? Speaking of taking risk…

2. Recognize That You Are Taking A Risk

Not only do you need to recognize that you are taking a risk by trading penny stocks, you need to respect that risk as well. Penny stocks are naturally incredibly volatile, and as a result you can take possible risks and losses very quickly.

What this means is that you may pourhchse a large amount of penny stocks, and in a matter of days the value of that stock shoots up. You think you’ve made all the money in the world, only for the stock’s value to plummet very quickly after. Recognize that this is the trading world you’re getting into, and be ready to take action and cut your losses quickly if you have to.

3. Write A Trading Journal

Professional investors will often have a trading journal where they keep track of the moves they made and whether they had a profit or a loss for the day, so why shouldn’t you as a beginner? Keeping a trading journal will ensure that you properly keep track of your investments so you don’t get carried too far ahead of yourself.

4. Don’t Be Gullible

In other words, be very careful about the specific companies you choose to invest in. Don’t invest in a company just because you believe that company is going to be the next big thing or because they claim they have a cure for baldness, or whatever the case may be. Only invest in a company that has a secure financial position and a legitimately promising future, rather than investing in a company based on its business concept alone. 

Penny Stock Trading For Beginners

If you decide that penny stock trading is indeed something you would like to pursue, hopefully you will keep the information you have learned in this article in mind so you can minimize your chances of losing on your investment.