The Best Ways to Make Money Online

Many of us look for ways to make extra money. This might be to supplement an income, because you’re a stay at home mom, or to help pay for school, perhaps with an online para degree. The internet has opened up a huge range of possibilities. Some will make you a little extra pocket money while others could provide a full-time income without you needing to leave the house. Here is a look at some of the best ways to make money online.


Starting a blog can be a wonderful hobby, a great way to learn new skills, and a way to meet new people. It can also make you a lot of money. The best way to fit blogging around your other commitments is to blog about what you know. For example, if you are studying for an online paralegal degree from The George Washington University, write about your experiences. Some great ways to make money from your blog include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising
  • Sponsored content
  • A member-only area


If you have a blog, you could use it to sell eBooks, crafts, or products. If not, you could always use eBay to sell anything you no longer want. Alternately, if you have any crafting skills, open your own Etsy shop.


If you have any skills that others would pay for, freelancing can be an exceptionally good way to make extra money, or even to create a career. Some of the things you can do as a freelancer include photography, writing, and graphic design.

Market Research

Market research might not make you huge amounts of money, but it is easy. Sign up to some online survey sites and make cash answering questions about products or services. Or, become a secret shopper, getting paid, or at least reimbursed, to eat out, or shop, and answer questions about your experiences.

Answering Questions

There are a few companies you can sign up to, where you use apps, emails, chat or social media to answer questions users send. This would ideally suit someone with great general knowledge.


If you have an advanced knowledge in any subject, you could become a virtual tutor helping to educate others. Tutors can be very expensive, so many parents or students are happy to employ online tutors to save money.

Become a Virtual Assistant

More people every day use the internet to start up their own businesses. These small companies, or sole traders, often rely heavily on social media and influencer marketing to grow their business and boost traffic or sales. However, many don’t have time to put in the effort needed. These situations have seen a huge rise in virtual assistants. You could work from home, posting to social media, organizing, and replying to messages and emails on a company’s behalf.

Like other forms of work, how much money you can make online will depend on how much time and effort you put in to it. Blogging can easily become a full-time job, but it can also make a full-time income whereas answering questions will probably just make pocket money. Try a few things out until you find something that you enjoy, have time for, and that meets your needs. You’ll be earning online in no time.