How to Make Money in Golf Industry

Do you love golf? Would you like to make money in golf industry without being on the golf course all the time? Well, there are a lot of ways you can make money in this industry, and you don’t necessarily need to be a pro golfer. Below is outlined the various businesses you can start and make money but be sure to do thorough research on how to start a business for you to be successful.

1. Selling golf equipment online

You can start earning money by selling used or new golf equipment through affiliate links. It requires you to write the review of the products on a Golf blog and then link them to the online store. When the product is purchased through the link you have provided, you earn a commission. You can also direct people to site where they can find their nearest golf course.

2. Write golf eBooks

Many people who are beginners in the sport or those who want to join golf are in need of information concerning the golf skills. You can make money by offering them the solution to their problems by selling them the golf eBooks, or you can create an online course. An online course requires less effort as compared to the eBooks but its information is also limited. It is good to send them freebies tips through their emails so that they will have more confidence in you.

3. Sell discounted golf equipment

Start your own business. Make sure to offer your customers discount to attract them to your store. You can sell equipment like bags, shoes, ball, clothing, clubs and other golf accessories. You can also have driving nets and let your customers try new clubs before buying them.

Buy your stock in large quantities so that you can sell at a lower price than your competitors. Hire employees that have golf experience for your businesses to be successful.

4. Start a golf advertising agency

Marketing is the major key thing needed for every business to be successful whether big or small. This is the reason why marketers are always in demand. Advertising businesses is quite easy; you can start it with modest capital if you have the requirement and you can also do digital marketing that can be operated from anywhere.

5. Sell tickets to the golf events


People like to attend to live sports event. Starting a business that sells them tickets would be a great idea. You can engage in selling tickets to a golf tournament and also sell tickets for boxing matches, football matches, rugby event and many more so long as people are willing to spend money on them. This business is paid on commission, and so the more you sell, the higher the amount you earn.

The above are some of the businesses you can start. Some of them can be done without even quitting your day job and still make extra money that can pay bills. If you have an interest in making more money and you’re passionate about golf, make a decision and start one of the above businesses.