Five Tips to Improve Your Energy Efficiency at Home

With the ever-present cost-of-living crisis impacting homeowners across the country, more people are looking at ways to save money on their monthly outgoings. 

Heating your home during the winter months can be a challenge if you are trying to tighten the purse strings and stay on top of your energy bills. Looking to make your home more energy efficient is a great way to save money and help reduce your impact on the environment.

This article will share five handy tips to help improve your energy efficiency in your home:

Add insulation

During the winter months in the UK, it’s virtually impossible to withstand not putting your heating on for at least a few hours each day. Unfortunately, so much of the heat pumped into the home through central heating systems ends up escaping through walls and roofs, making it harder to keep your home warmer for longer.

Adding insulation to your loft or walls can help keep the cold out and regulate the temperatures in your home. You can install insulation yourself or hire a professional company to come and do it for you. 

Upgrade your boiler

Modern boilers are far more energy efficient than older ones. Although it may be a sizeable investment, installing a new boiler will help you cut down costs on your energy consumption and improved technology means that new boilers are often smaller and omit less noise than older models. 

As boilers can often be quite pricey, you could look at opening up a savings account until you have enough money set aside to purchase a brand-new model. It may seem like a lot to fork out initially, but the savings you will make each month will soon make a difference.

Go smart

Smart technology truly is a game changer. Not only can you track how much gas and electricity you are using on a daily or even hourly basis, but you can control the heating in your home much more easily. 

For instance, you can control your central heating system from out of the house on a mobile device, which means you can control when you want to heat your home without having to leave the heating on all day at a low temperature so it’s warm when you get home.

Renewable energy

Paying for power sources like solar panels upfront can seem like a big investment, but it’s worthwhile in the long run. Your energy consumption during the summer months will drastically decrease, and you can also feel good about doing your bit for the environment at the same time as saving money on your monthly energy bills.

Switch off

Save energy in your home by switching off devices you are not using, rather than leaving them on standby. It may not seem like a big deal, but leaving things like televisions on standby constantly does increase the amount of energy you are using. This small change can make a big difference over the course of a year.