The Importance of Having Your Real Estate Property Surveyed

Are you aware of the fact that you don’t know everything about your legal estate property? Do you understand the need to get your property surveyed? Primarily, surveys are conducted to check whether they are worth the purchase amount or not. However, a property survey is much more than that. A legal surveyor, while conducting a detailed external review of the estate, will also explore its historical background through titled research. This process often necessitates the involvement of conveyancing services, professionals who specialize in the legal aspects of buying and selling real property, to ensure a clear and undisputed chain of ownership. It is essential to understand where the property has been dug and how it is calculated. 

Most people reach out to professionals for expertise on the cause. They mostly call the best land surveyors for the deed and offer them the best price to ensure quality work. There are professional boundary surveys that are significant. Apart from that, additionally, people seek other specifications such as a zoning opinion letter, environmental certification, etc. here are some reasons why land surveyors must survey any real estate property. 

Boundary Lines or Property Lines 

The location of the property or boundary lines is one of the primary reasons any property owner in Victoria seeks the support of a land surveyor, especially when they are looking to receive real estate training in Vic to understand the local market better. These legal boundaries of possession are critical pieces of information needed before building a fence or paving a driveway. The survey shows your and your neighbour’s assumptions about boundary lines and affirms the same. Before constructing the fence, you must be sure whether it falls under your property or your neighbour’s. The boundary line also tells you whether the legal description of the property is accurate or not. 

Easements and Abandoned Roads 

There are certain conditions enforced by law. The survey entitles these and reflects them in your property’s report and other agreements. For example, if an old agreement says that your property blocks your neighbour’s entry to the road, they have the right to cross your property’s yard to move to the street. This is a publicly recorded document. 

Rivers, Ponds, Creeks, Lakes, and Streams

This report is viable for water surfaces only. Wetlands and water bodies are some of the topics that need to be coveted by professionals earlier. Professional inspections are necessary before purchasing the property. 


The surveyor certifies that the property and other improvements, repairs, or alterations existing at the time of the survey do not violate any law or restrictions. Any usual restriction on a residential property can be regarding bulk, height, dimension, building lines, frontage, parking, setbacks, and so on. The surveyor also informs you about the latest law or local ordinance information. 

Zoning Classification

You must know if your property is zoned for light industrial or residential use. The part of the survey reports classification and zoning jurisdiction. 

Bottom Line

If you have conducted a proper survey, you are one step ahead of most real estate owners. This is not a random thought but an explanatory answer. The article above explains why a survey is significant before making any purchase. Property owners usually hire surveyors for the work as they are the best at it.