Furnace Repair and Maintenance for Your Home in Ohio

Keeping warm is both a want and a need for many of us. Whether it is on a rainy and foggy day, or when you are coming inside your home from the chill of the frosty morning, we all seek to be warm when we can, especially during the colder months of the autumn and weather season. Now how do we seek that warmth, you may be wondering? Well, we have always had that answer, for since the dawn of time, mankind has had the means and the tools to make one crucial element to our advancement and evolution. That element’s name is fire.

Fire was one of our first methods of accessing warmth and heat (see more here). We have used it in campfires in the wilderness, in coals to run some of our key inventions throughout time such as the coal train, or in our own home’s fireplaces and hearths. Fire is a source of warmth, of light, of heat, and evolution.

I have listed only a few small numbers of inventions for which fire was the critical aspect of their function. However, there is another one that we’ve yet to discuss, and it is the subject of this very article. I speak of course about the furnace.

What is a Furnace?

A furnace, in the most basic terms, is a heating appliance that serves to heat your home. But of course, the term is a bit more defined than that. A furnace is an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system, one that serves to provide heat and warmth to your home or business throughout the years it is active.

There have been many variations of the furnace since it was first created. From a campfire to a chimney with logs and fire beneath, and now the present day, with a dedicated air conditioning system equipped with it. The furnace has evolved, and it is all the better for it.

What Does a Furnace Do?

Throughout the years, especially during the colder months, a furnace serves to heat your home. It does this by pulling in air across its heating components, and from there the air is heated and dispersed across the vents of your home. This coats the home in warmth and heat, providing the occupants with such.

What Makes it Up?

A furnace is comprised of two simple components, namely the evaporator coil, and the blower motor.

  • Evaporator coil- the component that removes the heat from the air with a refrigerant liquid and copper tubing.
  • Blower motor- the component that controls the air circulation of the furnace and vents.

Types of Furnaces

See more on several types of furnaces at this link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furnace_(central_heating)

As the furnace has evolved over time, so have its different varieties. These several types of furnaces are differentiated by what they use as fuel and how they operate. There are mainly four types of categories that a furnace will fall into, and these types are natural gas, oil, propane, and electric.

  • Natural gas- these furnaces run from natural gas, which is ignited and then separated into a combustion chamber. Warm air is distributed throughout the home, while the cool air resides in the chamber until it is heated enough to be dispersed.
  • Oil- furnaces that are ignited by means of an oil tank. The oil inside is filtered and then converted into a spray, which is then heated and released.
  • Propane- furnaces that operate by burning and converting propane into a gas form. The gas is blown across a heat exchanger after the desired temperature of the air is met.
  • Electric- operates on electricity, using an electric motor to pump air into and out of the furnace.

How To Maintain

Furnaces can be tricky to repair, especially if you are not versed in the area of engineering or repair. Luckily, there are alternatives besides doing the job yourself. In many places, even Ohio, there is no shortage of companies who handle furnace installation, repair, maintenance, or even removal if it is needed. So be assured that Ohio furnace repairs are offered by no small number of companies within the state.


Fire is essential to warmth, and warmth in turn is essential to us. We have used fire for a variety of devices, and one of the most successful inventions has been the furnace. It provides heat and warmth to many and is available in almost every home and business. When you take all that into consideration, surely ensuring its continued function is important as well. So, wherever you live, whether in Ohio or any part of the United States, or even the world, if you happen to own a furnace, consider taking care of it as much as it has taken care of you in turn.