4 Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party

You just moved into your new home with the help of Black Tie Moving. What an exciting time for you! You work to unpack boxes, arrange your kitchen, and get settled into your new place. You can’t wait for your friends and family to visit. What better way to show off your new home than by hosting a dinner party?

Here are 4 tips for hosting a dinner party to get you started.

Consider The Vibe

What are you going for with your dinner party? Perhaps you want it to be a black-tie affair. Maybe you want it to be more on the casual side. It’s important that you consider what vibe you’re aiming for when it comes to hosting your next dinner party.

Knowing what your theme is for the dinner party will help you prepare the rest of the details. Your guests will also appreciate knowing what to expect, so they can dress appropriately.

Plan Your Menu in Advance

What’s a dinner party without a prepared menu ready to go? You’ll want to be sure to plan the meal and drink menu in advance. This will give you plenty of time to buy what you need to make your dinner party a success. There’s nothing worse than scrambling at the grocery store at the last minute with no idea what you want to serve to your guests.

If you aren’t big on cooking, this will also give you an opportunity to check out local catering options. Or you could consider asking your guests to each bring a dish along with them. Make certain that whatever you plan is manageable and causes little stress on you. After all, dinner parties are supposed to be fun!

Create a Playlist

It’s essential that you have some good tunes playing in the background during your dinner party. Streaming services, like Spotify, have over 80 million tracks for you to pick from. You certainly won’t run out of music options. Yet, this is why it’s important that you create your playlist early.

Have fun when it comes to what music you want to play at your dinner party. Pick songs that can be enjoyed by all and aren’t too particular to one genre. Who knows, you may love country music, but your friend may despise it. Jazz, classical, and alternative are all safe genres to choose from when creating your dinner party playlist.

Pick Your Entertainment

Making sure that your guests are entertained during a dinner party isn’t always an easy feat. When planning your next dinner party, you want to pick your entertainment ahead of time. Factor in who the guests will be to decide on what activity they would find the most enjoyable. 

Board games and painting are a couple popular options when it comes to entertaining guests at a dinner party. The options are endless when it comes to how you can get creative and share some fun with your closest friends. You could even create your own game or ask for some suggestions from your party guests. Like the music, though, just make sure that you pick entertainment that everyone will enjoy.