3 Ways to Optimize Natural Light in Your Home

The movers from www.blacktiemoving.com just helped you move into your very first home. You absolutely love your new house’s charm and appeal, but you do wish there were more natural light that came in. Natural light is incredibly beneficial, so we’re offering 3 ways to optimize natural light in your home.

Let’s get into it!

Benefits of Natural Light in Your Home

Not only is natural light calming and peaceful, but it also has a slew of other positive benefits. Here are just a few:

·  Reduces anxiety and stress

·  Improves mood & increases happiness

·  Helps house plants thrive

·  Promotes quality sleep

·  Saves on energy bill

·  Increases your focus

·  Reduces blood pressure

·  Gives you more energy

·  Boosts vitamin D

Use Light-Colors in Your Home

One of the best ways to optimize natural light in your home is making sure that you have light colors in the interior. You’ll want to use light colored paint on the walls, like white or light gray, so when the natural light comes in it reflects easier. Dark colored walls will completely absorb the light making it appear much darker.

You’ll also want to consider your furniture. Similar to the color of your walls, you’ll want to make sure that you have lighter furniture. This doesn’t mean every piece of furniture is white (what a headache that would be to keep clean), it just means you choose your furniture carefully. Grays and neutral colors are ideal for home furniture if you’re wanting to maximize the natural light in your home.

Place Mirrors Around the Home

Another great way to enhance the natural light in your home is to make use of mirrors. Mirrors not only make your house appear larger and make a nice aesthetic, but they also reflect natural light as it comes in. The natural light can then bounce off the mirror and provide even more light than your windows.

Take a look around your home to where you can strategically place mirrors to optimize natural light in your home. The living room, bedroom, and office are all great spaces to have larger or stand up mirrors – as they often have the most natural light coming in. You could consider smaller mirrors for the kitchen or dining room.

Choose Your Window Décor Carefully

It comes as no surprise that your window décor plays a big role in how much natural light is coming into your home. You certainly want to stay away from dark or heavy curtains. Blinds are just as important. Many people who are masters at optimizing natural light in their home shy away from blinds all together in most rooms other than their bedroom or bathroom. This is with the exception of remote control blinds that are quick and easy to close; in this way, you can enjoy shade in the morning and sunlight in the evening. For apartments in NY, motorized shades NYC are a must.

When it comes to choosing which window décor works best for maximizing natural light in the home, go for light colored or sheer curtains. If you want to have some privacy during the evening hours, you could always consider getting another layer of curtains to go over the daytime curtains.