Upgrading Your Car? Why a Ford Will Be Your Best Next Move

If the time has come for you to upgrade your car, and you aren’t yet sure which way to go, we have the ultimate solution for you, a brand new Ford. There are all kinds of reasons why people look to upgrade their vehicle, perhaps the family is growing, maybe you need some more power, time to get rid of the sporty toy, or maybe the amount that you’re driving has increased and you need a new machine to take the load. In whichever of these situations you may be in, Ford has what you need and here are just a few reasons why you ought to speak to your nearest Ford dealer, as soon as you are ready to take the plunge.

Unbeatable Value

We all want maximum value for money from our cars, and that is exactly what you will get when you invest in a Ford. This is the company which the industry has recognized as having the best SUV for under $25k, and it is also the company which strives to provide the best quality at the best value. Given the depreciation level on any new cars, it makes sense to get as much bang for your buck as possible, and that’s what you can expect when you buy a Ford.


A great measure of how good these cars are, is that the owners of Fords come back to the company time and time again. A report last year from Which Auto magazine, found those who drive Fords to be some of the most loyal of all manufacturers, and that many people can’t be wrong.


Despite offering great value cars, Ford rarely pays it safe with their models and as a company they are consistently on the lookout for the best technology to put into their vehicles. This could be crash technology to keep you safe, in-car entertainment systems which are some of the best on the market or even ease-of-use tech which serves to give you a better overall experience.


Not many have the reputation that Ford does when it comes to style, and whilst you could be mistaken in thinking that Ford provides only average, sturdy and reliable cars, they also don’t miss out on the style stakes. You only need to look at vehicles like the Fiesta, the Focus and the Fusion, to see just how pioneering this company is when it comes to sleek design and cool looking cars.

Cost of Ownership

It is not just buying the car itself which will force you to consider finances, but also the cost of running the car, and once again the Ford is a highly attractive option in this regard. These cars are reasonably priced when it comes to insurance, they offer great MPG and parts are easy to acquire thanks to the huge range of Ford vehicles past and present which can be found throughout the country.

If it is time to upgrade your vehicle, head to Ford before you look anywhere else.