How shrimps are now valuable to us

Shrimps are now very useful due to the purity and quality of food we own and there is a great demand of it due to uniqueness everywhere. Such tiny crustaceans better known as shrimps and then get the scientific name of the caridea and also get them not only in fresh water. After spending a certain day fishing trout on the island’s bay, I was desperate to return and burn the grill for some steaks and salads. It was my turn to cook for the family!

Fishing marketing

Visiting at the fish market all day fishing, I was looking for something to eat today. I wasn’t going to buy and pretend I caught them. I’ll catch my limit today. If you can’t catch fish on St. George’s Island, you’re a fool. The owner of the tackle store told me on the first day of my vacation. That was fine. You have to be fooled not to catch something where I was fishing this start of the day.

What is the exact place for fishing?

When you are vacationing on the sea, you have to eat seafood. This is the law in Florida. There were trays full of multi, pompanos, grippers, red snapper, crabs, sardines and scallops. They also had seafood containers for jumbo, which is a central location on the coast. It is said that down here, babies are weaned on gumbo. I went across the bridge to the small fishing town of East Point, where fishing boats are tied. I was looking for fresh shrimp, off the boat.

The barbecue grills

I stopped at a grocery store to get a winery for the kids. As they grow older, they can also take crabs and scalp. Hopefully, all this will be enough to feed the crowd that we have been waiting for at the rental house. There is nothing as tasty as the crab on the barbecue grill. After buying three pounds of jumbo crabs, the Gulf was doing my thing, so I bought three of them, too.

Prices of seafood

Heat it all together. Bring it all to a boil and simmer for about 30 to 30 minutes before hitting the crabs and scalp. It may be wise to increase the amount of ingredients so guests will have some to sip on crabs and scallops. I added a quarter cup of olive oil, half a cup of butter, two tablespoons salt, two tablespoons of pepper, about 6 tablespoons sliced ​​parsley, half cup of finely chopped garlic , A little paprika and a quarter cup of lemonade.

What are the flavorful shrimps?

Some people use a pair of small scissors to cut the top of the shell to make a shrimp before putting it on the grill. I tried it and came to the conclusion that it was easy to remove the shrimp after it was cooked and eaten. Leaving crabs on the shrimp is more flavorful and seems to prevent them from drying out, but you can peel them if you like. Cook and remove the meat until it becomes white. Usually 6-8 minutes total.