Five Great Champagnes for NYE

Nothing is better than popping off a bottle of the best champagne for your yearly NYE party. On NYE, only the best will do and that includes your simple beverage. In the following paragraphs, the best champagne brands and bottles will be listed for your convenience. So grab a notepad and pen, sit back and enjoy the selection. Maybe even list down a few for your next shopping trip.

Les Pionniers Vintage Champagne 2008

This bottle contains a mixture of 60% pinot noir and Chardonnay filling up the remainder with a bubbly citric acidity, juicy apples and biscuit served with a hint of cream and slice of fruit. The finish is rather saline tang dominated, making the flavours fresher than the lushest of jungles. The label of the bottle (Co-op company) was the only supermarket to win an award for their champagne line in 2017, competing against other worthy lines like Cristal and Dim Perignon. Piper Heidsieck was the maker of this champagne bottle and emphasised a lighter flavour than Waitrose’s Special Reserve.

Billecart-Salmon 2007

Another beverage with its bulk being made of delicious pinot noir, the taste journeys through chunky fields of citrus, pineapple and marzipan nuttiness. Eight years is the suggested ageing period, by then the fruit within the drink is uncomprehendingly sweet. Honey, cream touches, white stone fruit and a mouth-watering tart red apple are the components of this fantastic drink. The depth of flavour is unparalleled, providing endless satisfaction. Overall, a brilliantly balanced beverage for all lovers of champagne.

Krug Grande Cuvée

Krug fits the heart of a new year perfectly. It’s a fluffy, moving champagne that has specs of a whopping 120 wines from 10 different years in time. An exercise in history as well as a trip into dreamland. A fair bit on time is taken on each individual bottle, there is no blur with the Krug Grande Cuvée, it’s all detail with a deep, touching taste on every corner. Such an intelligent, evoking drink for those with the jolliest of moods.

Ruinart Rosé

Ruinart is known for its spectacular fine fizz champagne classes, after all the company has been hustling since the early 1700s to deliver this fine taste. The Rose rolls like a waterfall with its heavenly and silky-smooth blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A fruity spark accompanied with a enchanting pink tint, it goes rather well with meat-orientated servings. It’s like a remnant of the 1800s with its olden-day bottle shape and acquired taste, a trip into the past for sure.

Pierre Peters, Cuvee de Reserve

Pierre Peters’ drinks always strike with the utmost accuracy and style. The complete Chardonnay filling is like a breath of fresh air, the polish and prestige this champagne bestows upon its drinker is otherworldly. The early mornings is when Peter works best, giving that well-needed morning freshness and motivation to breeze through the day. So ditch the eggnog, go with the Pete.

All the champagnes reviewed in this article have the potential to steal the show this Christmas. If you need cheap champagne, WinesDirect is highly recommended as their diverse selection range from affordable to luxurious. So go ahead, pop a bottle and enjoy Christmas with your family, friends and your bottle-sized dose of heaven.