Save the World – 5 Ways You Can Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

image Source: Pixabay

It is within our collective power to help make the world a cleaner place for everyone to live in. The Earth may be too big for a single person to save, but if each of makes our important contribution, the planet can see results in no time. If you want to be integral to the world’s journey to a cleaner, healthier future, you can start by reducing your ecological footprint. Here’s how:

Avoid Using Disposable Items

Many of the commonly used disposable items are non-biodegradable, making them toxic for the environment. If you want to help create a greener world, you can start by reusing many items that we utilize every day. For instance, you can shift to using reusable coffee cups instead of disposable ones. You can also practice using cloth bags when grocery shopping instead of plastic. Using a reusable water bottle is also a clever habit to practice. It will save you money, and will also help you in your cause for the global ecology.

Paper vs Plastic

Instead of plastic, it makes clear sense to try to use paper alternatives wherever possible. This applies to many items, including grocery bags and storage boxes. Keep in mind that paper is decomposable, whereas plastic is not and it will therefore not break down. Chances are that your plastic shopping bag will eventually reach the oceans or get buried in the soil. It makes so much more sense to use products that can decompose and be a healthy part of our ecosystem, rather than plastics that remain in the environment for decades.

Practice Proper Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal means ensuring your garbage ends up in the appropriate place. This is how you can keep discarded items away from street gutters and far from bodies of water. Some people may think that a small piece of garbage thrown in the streets won’t harm the environment. However, a glance at the big picture will show you that there are millions of people doing the same thing, you’ll realize that this small negative gesture can have a tangible negative impact on the planet. Disposing of your garbage correctly is not a difficult task and can easily be made into a habit.

Compost Your Garbage

Many people don’t realize that you can compost much of your garbage. This is done by decomposing organic waste materials such as food scraps and turning them into soil fertilizer. Using compost will not only help you save the environment, but it will also give you healthier soil, which in turn can then be used this to spread green grass or grow a home vegetable garden.


Recycling has always been a top recommendation from environmentalists. This is because recycling is one of the most practical ways that individuals can provide a helping hand to Mother Nature. It allows us to significantly reduce the amount of waste that we throw away, only to end up in landfill. There are hundreds of ways to recycle, so this practice should come easily to people. You can start by finding new uses for your plastic that serve a practical function. For example, you can turn plastic containers into plant pots or even into coin banks. The only limit here is your imagination.

Saving the Earth starts from with a conscious decision from each of us. If we can just adjust our habits and change our lifestyles, there’s no doubt that we can save the environment. It may take years of effort to wipe out the damage, but we’ll get there, one brave, creative step at a time.