Genius essay writing tips that will bring you the highest grade

You have already read numerous essay writing tips, but still don’t know how to write an effective paper? In such a case, there are two ways out of your situation. First, you can order a custom written essay from one of the professional academic writing companies like Snappy Essays. Second, you can learn how NOT to write an essay. Such an approach has already helped many students, so why not try it for yourself? After all, each essay has its own dos and don’ts you should know about. In other words, a complete understanding of what mistakes to avoid is a smart way to compose an effective essay. When you learn it, the quality of your work is guaranteed to become much better!

  1. Inconsistent tense

Remember, you can write your essay either in present tense or in past tense. Choose the one and stick to it. You need to stay consistent in what you are writing.

  1. Too many arguments

To support your thesis statement with relevant arguments is undoubtedly very important for any essay. However, there is no need to include all facts and samples you have found. Use only the strongest ones.

  1. Incomplete sentences

Each sentence should have a subject and a verb. Don’t forget about it when constructing complex sentences, especially those with a conditional clause. Ensure each of them is clear and complete.

  1. Second person

Avoid writing essays in the second person, which requires the use of the pronouns you, your, and yours. In a pinch, it is much better to use the pronoun one instead of you.

  1. Improper references

If you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism, ensure you have proper references. Please note, paraphrasing is also considered plagiarism, so you need to cite every idea that is not yours.

  1. Contractions

Academic papers should not contain contractions, such as isn’t, can’t, don’t, etc. Instead, you should use is not, cannot, do not, etc. The only exception is when you include a direct quote from another person.

  1. Summary instead of analysis

Keep in mind that almost all types of essay require to show your thought about the given topic and analyze it instead of solely providing a summary of facts, arguments, findings, etc.

  1. Irrelevant title

The title of your essay should reflect its content. Therefore, it is better to write it after your paper is complete. Moreover, if you want your essay to stand out, make it better than simply generic.

  1. Failure to follow instructions

Always follow your college and professor’s instructions and requirements. For example, if you are assigned to write a 500-word essay, do not turn it into an 800-word paper.

  1. Editing and proofreading

Each essay should be properly edited and proofread. Do not skip this stage, as a properly structured paper without any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes will bring you extra points.

These are the most common essay writing mistakes and tips on how to avoid them. Apply them now, and chances are you will write an effective paper able to bring you the highest grade!