Cologne: A city with many faces

A trip to Cologne can always be worthwhile. The Rhine city not only offers many shopping opportunities, but also many impressive places. These places are ideally suited for a city break. Even those who have visited Cologne several times will always be able to recognize new facets of the city. What sights the city has to offer, that everyone can see from the numerous city guides. Really impressive sights and attractions are not known in the city guides. These get interested only here.

Explore the secrets of the city

Cologne has a 2000-year-old history to present. This 2000-year-old history not only offers moments of great momentum, but also deep tragedies and mysterious stories. Every visitor who books a night watch tour can immerse themselves in it. These tours are a highlight in Cologne. With your date of the Escort Service Cologne you can spend a great time together in cologne. They offer a view behind the city walls, which nobody knows and no one can still see today. The night watchman accompanies the visitors through a dark time of history. The lantern is the signpost of this route. The night watchman tours are popular with many visitors and provide an exciting time. In the process, stories of the city come to light that have never been heard before.

Boat trip and timetables: Cologne from a different perspective

Visitors to Cologne can use every season for themselves, because the city offers not only in summer special destinations. The city offers every visitor a wide range of shopping experiences, excursion destinations and leisure activities. Cologne can be considered in different ways. The Rhine city offers, among other things, a large selection of boat trips. The tours can be enjoyed especially on the warm days of the year. The numerous boat tours show Cologne and the skyline from a different perspective. Another perspective shows the tour to the airport. Cologne / Bonn Airport is a popular destination, not only for families. The operator of the airport offers many tours around the airport and inside the airport.

The airport invites not only to the well-known guides, but also to shopping. Many well-known brands have rented a store area at and in the airport. Thus, at the airport, not only the desire for knowledge can be satisfied, but also the shopping need.