Here’s how you can become a pro at Fiverr

Every freelancer dreams to hit it big. Every fiverr seller wants to reach the epitome of success. And though there is no foolproof way to boost sales, some surefire ways could increase your chances of earning more.

Basing on my personal experience, here are some ways that could significantly impact your Gigs for better performance:

Work on a Good Gig Title

Your title is the most important aspect of your Gig. You must choose the right title for your Gig. Be clear in telling the buyers what you have to offer. See that you are focused and consider niche for Gigs. Be a bit more specific.

For example, rather than saying I can design your logo, say you would provide logo designing services for your business consulting service. Use impactful language in your title. Use the words your target buyers are looking for. Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Trends could help you with knowing the most popular ones.

Attractive Image for your Gig

After your title, your image is the most important component of your Gig and could grab your potential buyer’s attention. You should ensure that the images you use indicate that you are a seller. Also, the image should give an idea about your services. You can call it the branding of your Gig.

Select Gig Metadata Carefully

Another great means to ensure your Gig stands out is via a careful choice of Gig metadata. You can select from a variety of metadata so that buyers can easily filter Gigs. But it depends on the category you are selling your services in. Again, it is wise to go niche so you can customize the metadata focused on your Gig. Experiment and see how they impact your views and orders.

Optimization of Search Tags

Buyers find you through search tags. Since Gigs happen to have a specific focus, you could use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to know what people are particularly looking for in a niche and then customize them accordingly.

Convincing Description

Although your Gig title, image, search tags, and metadata boost your appearance in the marketplace, it is the description that sells. Your description should directly talk to the customer, tell them your expertise or what is unique in you, and how your service is going to bring value to them.

Create FAQs

This area is often ignored in the Gig. But it is very important. Add whatever your buyer could want to know about your Gig and give a good response. You can add ten questions to each Gig, and each answer could be up to 300 characters. So, you have a total of 3000 characters in all. This is another way to demonstrate that you are here to deliver professional services.

Use Packages

There could be one to three packages linked with every Gig. You will be providing your buyers with more options if you go with three packages. Here are a few tips:

  • With different levels of service and pricing, create three packages (basic, standard, premium, etc). Be very clear in terms of descriptions of each. This way, the buyers know exactly what they are getting.
  • You can use Gig extras and add them to each level. This makes the buyer tailor your services as per their requirements, with you getting a boost in revenue.

List your Requirements

When it comes to completing work, the requirement screen could be of great advantage. Write about all the information you are going to need from buyers. Ask as many questions you want, add context, and decide on the fields that should be necessary.

Add Video

Videos have the potential to increase engagement by 40% as per Fiverr. Also, they build trust, one of the essential parts of selling online. With the help of videos, you can directly talk to your customer, tell your expertise and experience in the area, build a connection, and then finally asking them to order.

Use the link to your portfolio

You can use certain URLs in your Gig description. If you have a portfolio on one of these services, you should link them to your work.

Blogspot, Dailymotion, Flickr, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Tumblr, Youtube, or Wikipedia.

Always Proofread

If you are selling in the native language, good for you. But make sure that you use the correct words, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. As small errors of language lead to a bad impression and put buyers off. If you are not a native speaker, it is better to get your work checked and ensure all is alright in terms of spelling and grammar.

Tweak your Gigs and use analytics

You could take help from analytics to track the views, impressions, and orders of your Gigs. Observe the changes and how they impact the metrics. This way, you would know which actions had the most benefit and then use them to boost your Gigs in the future.

So, they were some practical tips that could significantly increase your chances of getting sales. Implementing these tips are going to get you better Gigs than others.

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