Mountain bikes are the best multi-dimensional sport, peculiarly for nature lovers. The freedom to practice at new locations is what people who love exploring the wild, like about mountain bikes. 

As a matter of fact, mountain bikes have evolved through time to resemble off-road vehicles that are capable of speeding up and down difficult terrain. They are quite similar to road bikes, except for the big tires. 

You must have knowledge regarding what to look for when buying a mountain bike, especially if you’re new to biking or are a road rider, who is now eager to hit the dirt and ride off-road. Mountain biking is thrilling, but it may become a little frightening. To help, here are some tips for learning how to start mountain biking that are designed for beginners. 

Now that you are planning to get a mountain bike, here are some ideas for a cycling holiday

Here are the 5 things that you need to look for in a mountain bike. 

  1. Wheel Size

The two major diameters of wheels used measure 27.5in and 29in, respectively. Comparatively, 29in wheels are stronger and stiff thus a more suitable option, particularly with the right frame. They are more durable, especially over long distances. 

Moreover, they can easily smash trails and are perfect for a wildlife adventure. However, they might burst or wear off under pressure. To conclude, the recent trend toward 29in downhill wheels and wide-rimmed plus sizes are muddying the waters. 

  1. The Right Size

It is essential to choose the right frame size. Sometimes, the standard sizes provided by the company may not suit your built, and style. Hence, you must have good knowledge about the bike and be sure of your preferences. 

Only the measurements that are compatible with your body size ensure that the entire riding experience is comfortable. Short seats provide a good pedalling height, without having to extend over the seat post. 

  1. Weight 

When it comes to mountain bikes, strength and weight are equally important. It allows the bike to be more durable through rocky roads and helps you steer accurately at all angles. In particular, strength is helpful in preventing biking accidents that are both common and deadly. 

The best way to balance both your weight and the bikes is to keep moving forward, with the proper momentum. Additionally, you must let yourself remain loose allowing the bike to do its own job. You will probably hit some extreme terrain, together with steep inclines and declines. Once mounting a tricky pitch, shift your weight forward and lean forward to stay your center of gravity over the rear wheel to keep up traction

  1. Designs

With mountain bikes, you must choose something that is more future-proof. Based on the current trails, the diameters must be suitable to make sure of the durability of the bike. Similarly, there must be proper spacing, headset availability, bottom brackets, and good quality suspensions. 

You must ensure to purchase good quality socks and suspensions, as they are more important than the quantity. It is also suggested that you must opt for bikes that are easy to maintain and environment friendly especially in terms of noise pollution.

  1. Budgeting

Budgeting your expenses is fairly necessary, it allows a person to buy a good quality bike along with being able to maintain it in the future. In addition, you must budget some required equipment such as a good quality helmet that is strong, has great coverage, and can help protect you from any sort of accident. 

Additionally, you may need a backpack and glasses to protect against flying dirt. Also, some sticky shoes for flat pedals, or mountain bike shoes with cleats. Furthermore, you also want new tires to fit your terrain, or because the OE tires may use harder, cheaper compounds and/or heavier steel beads than their aftermarket counterparts. Lastly, you need to adjust your gearing, as well as customize the shape and size of your cockpit.

Categories of Mountain Bike

Currently, there are two types of mountain bikes available in the market that you can choose from. 

  • Hardtail Mountain Bike

Hardtails are like any other mountain bike. However, their suspensions are replaced with suspension forks at the front. This allows you to transfer maximum power. 

  • Full suspension Mountain Bike

In full suspension bikes, they have both a suspension fork and shock at the rear side of the bike. It comes with a wide variety of frame designs, and sizes. However, they are quite expensive. 

Bottom Line 

Certainly, you must always remember that quality is way more important than quantity in every aspect. A good quality mountain bike and equipment helps maintain grip thus prevents rail accidents. You must research before you invest in a mountain bike and make sure of what you want and what is most suitable for you.