Warmup Exercises – An Integral Part of Your Bodybuilding Regime

Whether or not you are into bodybuilding, whenever you enter the gym, always start your session with warmup exercises. Do not treat this routine as an optional work but a compulsion.

Particularly speaking about bodybuilding, there are many beginners who often have this complaint that their gym sessions aren’t as productive as they were hoping for. A common mistake most of them are guilty of making is that they do not pay attention to their warmup routine. They merely stretch their body a bit and consider it as a warmup exercise. However, in reality, a warmup is not just a few stretches of your arms and legs. It is a proper routine that must be followed before you start doing hardcore exercises.

Here are some of the factors that highlight the importance of warmup exercises for bodybuilders:

Prepares the Muscles for Heavy Grind

First of all, warmup exercises help to prepare the muscles for the heavy grind. With the help of these exercises, capillaries to muscles open up. Basically, it gets the body into the groove or simply, you can consider warmup exercises as lubricating your joints. Just like how a machine works better when it is lubricated, the body and muscles train in a more efficient and productive way after a proper warmup routine.

Reduces the Risk of an Injury

There have been several instances recorded of people getting injured while working out. While some of them are because of negligence or accidents while exercising, others are a result of the body not being prepared for a workout due to no warmup exercises.

With warmup exercises, there is a fewer chance of muscle pull. Furthermore, severe neck pain or backache many people experience post-workout, it’s risk is also minimized if you have warmed up your body in a proper way.

Increased Body Temperature

Warmup exercises increase body temperature, which is their way of preparing the body. This has dual benefits. Not only the body gets prepared but the efficiency and productivity of the workout session also improve up to a great extent. With a raised body temperature, blood flow also increases. Neural pathways are also cleared; hence, the targeted muscles receive their supply of blood smoothly.

Increased Flexibility

Lastly, warmup exercises make the body much more flexible. Therefore, you will be able to do different exercises with ease and in a more productive manner. This increased flexibility will also help to improve your endurance level. Hence, your bodybuilding workout sessions will last for a longer time.

Do not start workout right after you have performed warmup exercises. Always make a point to stretch your body as this practice will help to improve your agility. It will allow your body to easily change between different positions while performing heavy-duty exercises. Stretching also benefits muscles as it helps them to grow since the capacity of the body to hold exercise positions one after another extends. At least, stretch for 15 seconds prior to performing a set.

Other than warmups, another thing that can help you to fulfill your dream of becoming a bodybuilder is the use of steroids. Surely, the internet is filled with negative information related to steroids but they can prove to be quite useful as well, particularly for a bodybuilder. However, it doesn’t mean you should start using steroids at any time of the day. There is a fixed pattern to be followed if you are using steroids. Always remember the fact that overconsumption of steroids can land you in a troublesome situation vis-à-vis your health condition.

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