Visit trendy clubs in cologne

In Cologne, there are not only insider tips, but also some trendy clubs every club goers should visit. The nightlife can be a real challenge. The following clubs should be added to the visitor list:

Blue Shell: The Club Blue Shell is located on Luxemburger street and has been an institution in Cologne for ages. Since 1979, the most diverse people in this club.
Club station Ehrenfeld: At this club, the name is quite program. Located below a train station, party-loving people from all parts of the city meet. The characteristic atmosphere of the location in urban flair offers modern club goers exactly what they want.

Those who prefer a little less loud should perhaps take a closer look at the bars in Cologne. Again, there are some special highlights. Including the bar Ona Mor. Here visitors get exquisite spirits and sophisticated drinks. The service is of quality and the drinks are served in an appealing and luxurious way where you can find the rich people with their dates of the Escort Service Cologne.

Shamrock: If you do not value music but good drinks, you should definitely visit Shamrock. In this dark pub on Zülpicher Straße there is basically nothing to eat, only liquid food. The beverage selection is comprehensive and will inspire. Alone in the field of whiskey, the club offers 50 different varieties.

Stadtgarten: The Stadtgarten in Cologne is a very special address. You cannot really count this location for a certain category. Because the beer garden is of course only open in summer. Nevertheless, there is room for up to 500 people. The sufficient selection of drinks attracts visitors quickly.

Cologne has many of these facilities. Thus, the nightlife in Cologne during the visit is quite secure. A holiday or a stay in Cologne will not be boring and boring. During the day, the sights attract and at night the clubs.