Dusseldorf the amazing metropolis with holiday feeling

Who thinks of Dusseldorf, logically thinks of the fashion metropolis par excellence. This is where the big shops are handled. If you travel to Dusseldorf and not only for business reasons, you will spend a wonderful time in the city. Because the metropolis can not only score with a great skyline. But also with many attractions. The city can impress its visitors with appropriate luxury hotels and many nice restaurants. If you get lost in Dusseldorf, you will be offered a sensational time that, of course, can be extended accordingly.

This can be seen in Dusseldorf

Anyone who undertakes a trip to Dusseldorf will already see the first sensation when he arrives by plane. Of course, Dusseldorf Airport is a sensation in itself. Visitors already get the first impression of the gigantic city. Shopping is also possible at Dusseldorf Airport. A small trip to the shops can therefore be connected directly with a visit to Dusseldorf. But with the shops at the Dusseldorf airport, the visit of the fashion metropolis should not end. Be sure to consider the Hyatt Regency where you can take one of the High Class Escorts Dusseldorf as its their second home. The gigantic skyscraper with a huge glass front offers a viewing platform and a restaurant, with a corresponding view. The ride up to the platform is made possible by fast elevators in seconds. Impressive about this building is not only the shape of the skyscraper, but also the panoramic view directly from the viewing platform. This is located at an altitude of 200 m.

In addition to the Main Tower, which is considered the landmark of the city, the pedestrian bridge “Eiserner Steg” is also a sensation. The pedestrian bridge leads directly over the river Main and offers a view over the city. Especially popular is the bridge for lovers who want to attach a corresponding love castle on the bridge. During the evening hours, the pedestrian bridge provides a heavenly view of the city and its skyline.

If you as a visitor have several days in Dusseldorf, then the port is another starting point for tourists. The port is known far beyond the city limits and offers a location to a group of many restaurants.